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Mapping Foot Health Across the Nation

This map is created based on footprints our users submit to us. With data collected from users nationwide, we gain valuable insights into a growing concern that is Flatfoot. When you share your footprint with us, our expert team conducts a comprehensive analysis. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority - your individual results are kept confidential and are never shared with anyone else. Best of all, our analysis service is currently completely free! Join us in uncovering the bigger picture - submit your footprint today!

Transforming Flatfoot Care, All in One App!

Our app checks your child's flatfoot with a simple footprint scan and provides personalized exercises to make their feet healthier. You can track their progress and get expert advice all in one place!


Footprint Scan

Easily check your child's flatfoot with a quick scan of their footprint.


Custom Exercise Plans

Get personalized exercises to improve their foot health.


Track Progress

Watch their improvement and stay motivated.


Expert Advice

Access medical recommendations for their best care.

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