Take Footprints

Example of a Valid Footprint

Below is an example of a valid footprint:

Valid Footprint Example

Video example

Below is an example showcasing how to properly take a footprint:

Step 1: Take a Footprint

Follow these simple steps to take a footprint on a piece of paper:

  1. Place a white piece of paper on a flat surface.
  2. Make sure your child's feet are clean and dry.
  3. Apply black watercolors or tempera to your child's foot.
  4. Gently press one foot onto the paper to create an imprint.

Step 2: Take a Suitable Picture

Follow these steps to capture a suitable picture for analysis:

  1. Place the paper on a flat and well-lit surface. Ensure the paper is clean and dry, without folds or damage.
  2. Position the camera or phone above the paper, keeping the device directly above the imprint. Focus the camera to obtain a clear image.
  3. Aim to capture the footprint directly from above, avoiding camera or paper tilting. This helps centralize the imprint and reduces the chance of shadows.
  4. Ensure the image is solely focused on the paper with the footprint. Remove extra objects or background to avoid interference.
  5. Ensure proper lighting to avoid shadows that could affect image quality. Review the image to ensure the paper is clearly visible.
  6. Review the image to ensure the footprint is clear without blurring. If necessary, repeat the process for an improved image.

Step 3: Upload the Image

Choose the image of your child's footprint.